What Do Link Builders Do?

The name tells a lot. Link builders build backlinks to your site. But what kind of links?
The answer depends as to what kind of links you want from them. There are all kinds of link builders. Some do ethical stuff while others work in the grey region.
The right link builders use white hat practices, reach out to site owners personally and get your sites linked contextually in editorial or promotional content. Link building services offer links to brands that offer services or those who work in e-commerce. Doing this helps them do well in the searches. These links to the target sites are counted as referrals from the linking sites. It increase their authority based on a topic.
The people who work get you links from hacked sites may get you quick results but they are highly risky and may lead to penalties from Google to your site. So it is better to use link building that works in 2021,

How Do Link Builders Differentiate A Good Link from A Bad Link?

Depending on your site’s needs the definition of a good link may differ from a bad link. However, there are some factors that you may always want to keep in mind.
– Spam Score: It is advised that you get links from sites with low spam score. You can use any tool to check the spam scores, at Digiexceed, we used the Moz tool to measure it. A Moz spam score between 0 to 30% is considered low.
– Site Authority: Semrush, Moz, AHREFs, Ubersuggest, and an endless number of tools come with their metrics to measure the authority of a site. Based on your preference, you can choose to go for a site authority.
A basic rule of thumb that everyone follows today is that the site that links to you should have at least a 10% of the highest possible metric of the tool. For example, you may want to choose a 10+ DA of Moz that has the highest metric of 100. Another way you can go about it is by choosing sites that have at least a higher authority than your website.
– Relevance: A site in close relevance to the page you want links to is the best to get links from. Doing this increases your topical authority and gives signals to the search engines that you belong to the niche.
– Other Factors: Site traffic, the organic keywords on it, it’s location and other factors can also be a parameter when you are looking to choose a site for backlinking.
Using these factors, the link builders and link building services use their connections to create a network of backlinks for you.