For a long time, backlinks have been seen as a major ranking factor to go up the Google rankings. However, the search engines is know to bring changes to it’s ranking factor now and then. So, after all these years of algorithm changes and AI integrations, is there any more space for link building in 2021? Let us help you with the answers.

Does Link Building Work in 2021?

The quick answer to it is yes it does. Despite what those internet marketing gurus go on to tell you in their youtube videos, backlinks are still an important ranking factor. Try checking the backlink profile of the same internet gurus who consider them insignificant, they would be using the same factor to rank their site. The do-follow backlinks from other sites pass on their authority to yours that you can leverage to grow.
The factor is not just applicable on Google. Be it Amazon products, youtube videos or other search engines too, they use links to the content to measure it’s importance. You can consider the backlinks as the votes from referring sites which helps you add an authority to it.

How Effective is Link Building?

The answer depends on a lot of factors. Are you in a competitive niche? Along with it, your location, your site design and internal architecture has a big say on how you would perform on the search engines. It is best to sort out these factors along with link building for optimal results. It can help boost your rankings and in turn bring more traffic on your site.

How to Build Links For Your Site?

The best option is to reach out to link builders if you are looking to rank a business site and have the budget for it. These are the professionals who find the best links suited to your site that gives it a massive authority boost. However, if you are looking for links for a blog and want them free, you will have to reach out to bloggers manually and do the work by yourself. It is a tedious process that can take a lot of time. It is because of this reason ecommerce and other major sites instead look for backlink building agencies.

Does Content Matter in Link Building?

If you have competitors that already have incoming links to their site, the best strategy is to create a content that is better than theirs and then get links to your site. Having such a content also increases the chances of bloggers naturally linking to you. Natural links are a blessing as you do not work for them and still get people to link to you.
There is a cost involved to all kinds of link building. Know about cost of link building in the modern times and much more here on Digiexceed.